Panzer Dragoon Saga Resurrection (Second Opinion)

After a considerable amount of time has passed, I have come to change my mind on Panzer Dragoon Saga Resurrection. From favorable to unfavorable. Now, please don’t bash me too hard, I’m just stating my personal opinion on this. But, I am wondering if anyone feels the same way?

After having listened to the original soundtrack of Panzer Dragoon Saga over the years and now this; I now know what the exact differences are and why I dislike the new arrangement so much.

Most of the remixes have been completely restructured with additional tones that give the otherwise “upbeat” songs a hint of “sadness”, and are more despondent and sorrowful, to their once energetic melodies. For example:

From Panzer Dragoon Resurrection: (Compare all of these to the originals)

-07 Nomad - 放浪
-15 Seekers’ Stronghold - シーカーの里
-01 Ecce valde generous ale (Mark! The Precious Wings - 見よ,いと貴き翼)
-20 Sona mi areru ec sancitu (Art Thou the Holy Angel - 其は聖なる御使いなりや)
-17 Toward The Promised Land - 約束の地へ

These are some of my favorite songs in the original ost. Comparing the new from the old; now, I can’t even listen to the Resurrection versions because of the added melancholy overtones.

Also, some of the songs like: 08 Atolm Dragon - アトルムドラゴン and 11 Village of Zoah - ゾアの街, sound completely off or disjointed; losing some of the charm and fluidity, the originals had.

So, I’m just wondering: does anyone feel the same way? Are these songs made too despairing now? Maybe it doesn’t bother you guys like it does me? Maybe you like them better?..

In conclusion, I know it’s not my nostalgia because I can hear the difference in emotion and tone, compared to the originals. In the end, I guess I’ll just stick to the originals. What do you guys think?

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When you think about the world that Panzer Dragoon Saga takes place in, does a sad place not come to mind? A harsh world where life is short and humans struggle to survive.

I touched on how I felt about the differences in my review earlier in the year, and basically my conclusion was to treat them as different interpretations, rather than expecting them to be the same. After all, if the anniversary album was too close the original, what would be the point in bringing out a new arrangement? The original soundtrack is already great and doesn’t need to be replaced; indeed you can buy both versions on digital stores as of 2018. I will listen to both.

Yeah, I understand the world of Panzer Dragoon can be harsh at times, but it was still full of adventure, excitement and wonder.

Being a lonely and sad place really isn’t a good representation as a whole. I really don’t want to feel bummed out while listening to the music when the originals contained so much liveliness.

I think maybe it should have stuck closer to the originals just with improved instruments and quality of sound. Changing the composition and tones and injecting most of them with more “despair”, kind of ruins them for me.

Good god no. What’s the point of having a new album if you are not going to try new things? We have the old music whenever we want it…I’m glad they tried something new. Even if all tracks were crap and ONE was good or tried something new that catched my imagination I’d say the project was worth it.

Then again, I obviously have my own idea of how the tracks should/could sound like. And yes many tracks were dissappointing in a sense…but that’s the thing with expectations.I got remixes of my fav tracks (Interception and Vision 1)…so I’m just happy it was made.

I guess Saori Kabayashi was in a bad mood when rearranging/remixing the tracks LOL!

To be honest, I didn’t like resurrection either. The tracks just felt overproduced now compared to their old counterparts.

It’s nice that something new was attempted, it’s just, I think most of the songs have now lost their identity.

For instance: the original Ecce valde generous ale, (title screen music) once had a moving, powerful, hold on the listener. One of awe and majesty. Now, it’s been reduced to something slow and overly sorrowful. I don’t get the sense of an epic adventure from it any longer. And, I would hate to have the new version as the title screen music…

Although, a little overproduced I don’t think these are too bad:

03 A Premonition of Battle - 戦いの予感
04 Mutant Species 1 - 変異種1
16 Forest Shriek - 森の悲鳴

I loved the Anniversary album, only 2 songs I didn’t like as much, as I said before. My mind hasn’t changed.

When you think about the somewhat forgotten state of the Panzer Dragoon franchise in general, doesn’t it seem kind of melancholic? :anjou_sad: