Panzer Dragoon Saga music has influenced me greatly

Well as you may or may not have heard I have just created a new website. You can find it at

This is a website about a movie series me and my friend created a while ago about two hilarious secret agents. While making the movies I used a variety of video game music including LUNAR, LUNAR 2, CHRONO CROSS, BREATH OF FIRE 4, FF8, FF ANTHOLOGY, AND ALSO PANZER DRAGOON SAGA.

All of this music including the Panzer dragoon Saga music helped my movie series come alive creating atmosphere and excitement.

If you want to download the movie clip with the Panzer Dragoon Saga music go to my website, go to movies, page 3 and download the movie clip RETRO AND HELIX 3 PART 2.

I hope who ever visits my website has fun watching my hilarious movie series. Be sure to sign my guestbook with your comments on the site or the movies. THANKS .

Interesting site.