Panzer Dragoon Saga Missing Concept Art?!

Hay Everyone. So there has been this one concept art from Panzer Dragoon Saga that I have always wanted but could never find it no matter how much searching on the net I did. It is one of the end credit images that you get at the end of Disk 4 after beating the game and getting the Play Result back. The only thing close to it that I could find was a low resolution screen shot of it that I took from an old playthrough of the game on YouTube.

I know someone recently uploaded High-res. Images of a lot of the concept art for Panzer Dragoon Saga recently (Thank you for that) but unfortunate the image that I was hoping for was not one of them

If anyone knows of where I can get a good resolution Image of this concept art please let me know.

Since I’m a new user I can’t upload anything yet so if anyone is instead in knowing what Concept art I am referring to please go to this YouTube link and jump the very last seconds of the video.

Thanks in advance everyone.

If you or anyone else has an Emulator for the Sega Saturn I would suggest beating the game and once you get to the after credit image, click the Print Screen button on the Keyboard and then save the Image was as .jpeg. But it is my understanding that you could get one of several different pictures at the end, so you might have to keep on beating that game until you get the one you are looking for.

It would be great if someone could capture high res images of all the ending/disc swap artworks (and label them).