Panzer Dragoon Saga gets a mention in Gameinformer again

In the latest issue # 200, Gameinformer has done a section titled:The Top 200 Games of all Time.

Unfortunately, Panzer Dragoon Saga doesn’t get much love ranking in at # 122. We don’t even get a picture to go with the description. It reads:

Panzer Dragoon Saga


“With its distinct fantasy setting, unique art style, and original combat system that let players fly around their opponents, Saga is widely considered the best Saturn game ever made, which only makes us wonder why Sega has let this series collect dust.”

Other honorable mentions:

-Shadow of the Colossus ranked in at 84 and ICO at 55

-Skies of Aracdia ranked in at 93

-Gunstar Heroes ranked in at 174

-Beyond Good and Evil came in last at 200

As you can imagine the 64 Zeldas ranked very high. In my opinion this was a horrible ranking of 200 games. Many of which have no place in this list IMO. No Nights into Dreams! Blasphemy!

Certain games are going to be ranked higher because of their popularity. If any of the Zeldas or FF’s (especially 7) were ranked low, then they certainly would be at the wrath of fanboys.
Game Informer is also pretty harsh on Wii games (I have one so I’m sort of biased), so I dont really take their reviews too seriously anymore.