Panzer Dragoon Saga game problems/glitches

I have had Panzer Dragoon Saga for a long time and have taken exceptional care of the game disks making sure not to drop them, get scratches on them ect. Well I have been having some troubling problems lately while playing the game and I am wondering is it just glitches in the game or is it because my game disks are starting to deteriorate. First and foremost, at random points in the game the text becomes distorted sort of blurry and glitched to the poing where it is unreadable. Second, in the town of Zoah you can get one of the dragon books from the shelf of books next to the store clerk. Once while playing the game no matter how many times I talked to him or how many times I locked on to the book shelf I just couldn’t get the book. Third, I have save files of Zwei on my internal memory and my saturn memory card, and no matter how many times I talk to the little girl in the Holy District I cant get the music box. Lastly, after talking to the fat watchman(forgot his name) and loaning him some money he will later say he cant pay you back and will tell you to go to his house and take what ever you want. Well after he said that I went to his house the one right next to the bar, and its locked.

Have any of you guys experienced any of these problems or any others not mentioned above? I just hope my game doesnt deteriorate any further.
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It is possible that you just aren’t doing these things at the “windows” in which they are achievable. The text thing is definitely some cause for concern…mine has never done that. Your best bet is getting the discs resurfaced.

Yeah, glitched text definitely sounds like a cause for concern. There are a couple of things I can think of that might explain the other points, though…

Can you remember if you had the Zwei save-game files there when you began that game of Panzer Dragoon Saga? Unfortunately the Zwei files have to be there right from the start of the play-through, rather than just when you reach Disc 3; I’ve slipped up on that myself in the past.

The house will be locked during the day, but have you tried entering it at night-time? That’s the only time you can enter the house to collect the other Dragon Book, as far as I can remember.

Yeah Lance I had the zwei files on my saturn memory and memory card from the start, so I dont see why I wouldn’t be able to get the music box. And I know you can only go to the watchmans house at night. I tried multiple times to get into his house and it just keeps telling me its locked.

Has anybody else been experienceing any other problems with their PDS disks?

I was actually thinking of getting those new clear cd skins. You slide your cd or game disks into them, zip them up, and they fit around the disk nice and tight.You will never get scratches or dust on your disks ever again and the system reads the disks just as if they were never on the disks. Does that sound like a good idea to keep our beloved Panzer Dragoon Saga in the most optimum condition possible?

Very rarely, I also get glitched text. Nothing a clean reboot of the game can’t fix.

It reminds me much of the random bug with Spiriel in Shining Force 3, where her portrait gets corrupted right after you complete the battle against Basanda in the catacombs below Aspinia. No harm, just an oddball glitch.

As far as keeping the game in perfect condition, I recommend making copies of your games and investing in a Sega Saturn mod chip. I have one in mine, and play my copies instead of my originals.

And I’m not to sure that resurfacing the PDS disks is a good idea, if they are mande the same way as Dreamcast disks that is. I was recently at video game castle around where I live and the owner was telling me he doesn’t accept dreamcast disks with scratches anymore because when he resurfaces them they stop working entirely. So I was wondering if the saturn disks are similar to dreamcast disks. If this is so then resurfacing the PDS disks could completely ruin them.

IM not entirely sure how information is held on Saturn disks (if there is a higher amount of data is it kept closer to the surface?) but i have had Thunderhawk 2 copy and Virtua Fighter 2 discs resurfaced. Bot work fine.

Well, Dreamcast discs are different from normal CD’s, so maybe that’s the reason. Either that or he can’t do the job properly…