Panzer Dragoon Saga French Translation completed!

Hi all, just to let you know that the first patch for the french translation of Panzer Dragoon Saga has been released !
v1.0 95%

It is a fan translation and you can find it and the instructions on the TRAF website.

I’m not a part of the team, but their awesome work deserves to be known! :anjou_happy:

That’s really impressive. I might have to try that translation, I can read French well enough (writing is a different matter). Thanks for letting us know! I’m not sure if we should post this is the news, perhaps TWOTA drawing attention to it might not be the best of ideas. I’ll look into contacting the author and ask them about it.

I try it yesterday later in the night or this morning very soon XD

It’s function very well. And it is my birthday today so i’m very very happy to can play PDS in french.

And more of that, i play it with SSF emulator and a saturn USB Pad, it is faithful :slight_smile:

A lot of thanks to the team released ths tanslation patch :anjou_love:

I’ll talk of your translate in my future video about the panzer dragoon serie \o/

So happy birthday PXL! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!