Panzer Dragoon Saga Firefox Persona

After updating my Gnome theme to the one that Solo posted, I decided to see if there were any Firefox personas that were PD related. Lo and behold, there was a single one. Here’s the link for it:

Hmm, it’s not very good, but at least it made me try it as my first Firefox theme and see the potential of Personas. I might try to find one I like :slight_smile:

I tend to stick with default settings when it comes to desktop appearance, rather than using skins or themes. I’ve become a big fan of minimalism. But it’s cool that someone has made a persona for those who do use them.

Thanks for sharing, Temjin! Unforunately, I tried it and it didn’t show up properly. The tabs turned a darker shade of grey but no image actually showed up in the background, so I went right back to using the Coheed crow.

On a semi-related note, has anyone else noticed the sheer nightmare factor of the Mega Drive persona by the same individual(s)? It’s horrific!