Panzer Dragoon Saga Factory Sealed … 679wt_1082

You know, just in case someone has a spare US$900 floating around. :anjou_wow:

Glad I got mine the week it was released. :anjou_love:

Did Saga really have “Classic PANZER gameplay”?

It’s both Panzer and a classic so, yes?

What an absurd price though. And lol @ the 10% off tag, as if it’s something that retails at that price and he offers a discount. Derp.

I bought a sealed PDS from eBay back in 2004 for $200. It arrived at my doorstep completely destroyed. The box it came in had no padding whatsoever and the case was shattered. To make matters worse, the first disc had a crack on it, rendering the entire thing unplayable.

Worst eBay experience ever.

And of course there’s no way of knowing this is actually FACTORY sealed or not, despite the seller’s claim. Even if a museum wanted this for their collection, they would certainly want to open it…

Exactly. I’d much rather buy a cheaper copy in reasonably good condition (with photos of the discs, manual, etc).

I had an extra factory sealed for a long time (when Saga came out I knew they wouldn’t last). I wasn’t so much preserving it as I didn’t need to open it … I think just a couple of years ago I just randomly opened up one day when I couldn’t immediately find my other copy.

Urge to kill… greedy eBay sellers… rising.

I wish my copy didn’t disappear now. Stupid school friend I lent it to. I’m really tempted to find him on Facebook and threaten him with violence if he doesn’t return my precious copy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a disgrace that whoever bought that game in the first place never played it =/

EDIT: @thepeaguy - You lent it to a friend and never got it back! Eek! I made a mistake with my copy too - My dad bought it for me whilst it was already considered rare. I sold it a couple of years later to help upgrade my computer. Oops! Got another copy now, complete with box and manual, so the balance is restored! If your old friend has a shred of decency, and hasn’t sold it already, one would hope he’d send the game back to you.

I still have my PAL copy, but I regrettably allowed the outer cardboard case to be discarded and the discs to fall into a sorry state of repair. Oh well! I probably wouldn?t sell it anyway?unless I got really desperate.

I also wouldn?t either spend that much on a new copy, or keep it sealed. :expressionless: