Panzer Dragoon Saga Extended Ending?

Hi guys,
I just finished PDS for the first time (managed to get it for slightly over $100, that’s a feat), and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think the Saturn games, especially Zwei and Saga could really benefit from being remade on modern hardware. Anyway, the ending really threw me off guard. It’s not that it is bad, but it was ambiguous as to what happened to the dragon and Edge. So, I immediately got online to see if there was an alternate ending, and I found a dead link on PDS Oasis for a secret scene in Orta labeled as being an extended ending of sorts for PDS. Is this hosted anywhere else, or can I unlock in Pandora’s Box in Orta? I’d prefer I link though, as I don’t feel like putting that many hours to get everything unlocked. Anyway, I’m glad to see a fansite for this series, and thanks for your help!

Also, if this is already addressed elsewhere, I apologize as I did not find another forum topic covering this.

Greetings! I’m glad to be seeing that people are still getting into Panzer Dragoon Saga.

The ending is ambiguous, and IMO was perhaps best left that way. The story of Orta implies certain things, but ends up raising more questions than answering - I guess that’s Panzer Dragoon’s way. I can’t remember any “extended ending” of Saga included with Orta, although IIRC Zwei’s ending in Orta’s Pandora’s Box included an extra image of Azel to link the games together more.

Welcome. There is a hidden memory of one half of the dragon (the gold dragon) discussing a few things with the physical half of the dragon. You can see it by taking the correct route in Episode 7 of Panzer Dragoon Orta. It is believed that this scene takes place at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga before the gold dragon half is deactivated/destroyed.

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. It looks like I wrote that post a little too late last night as I see a few grammatical errors.

I thought to check the TWotA-hosted PD Legacy, which does indeed have a spoiler of the scene. But I almost feel like a horrible person for the very suggestion of spoiling anything PD. :wink: