Panzer Dragoon Saga Ending Discussion (Spoilers)

I just beat Saga again and have a question for all of you:

Where do you think Edge went when he disappeared into the light of the Sestren Network, along with the Heresy program?

After we the player or “Divine Visitor” left his body, he seemed to be still alive and conscious. Did the network delete him? Did he get stored as data? Is he floating around in an unending pergatory, trapped in an infinite void? Or did his body simply shut down and die?

I feel like I’ve asked this question before lol!

I feel like the insinuation is that the only thing keeping him alive was the Divine Visitor and once separated, Edge ceased to exist in that world. What was left of Sestren in essence saved him like you would a file. That would be a great lead in to a sequel involving how Orta came to be. I like to think that Edge and Azel were reunited in some way and that Orta was created to be as close to a child of theirs as possible? Making this all up, but I usually prefer more closure to my stories so I have filled in my own blanks to make it all fit and give me some piece of mind.:grin:

Regarding the Divine Visitor keeping him alive: after the Divine Visitor leaves Edges body he is still alive before he enters the void…

I wrote about this in my Edge’s Death Theory which is actually a rewrite of an older theory that I wrote before Orta was released! I touch on a some possibilities, considering just Saga’s ending in isolation along with what we learn about Edge’s fate in Orta.

The tl;dr of it is that I think “we must go” was nicer way of saying that this was the end for Edge. It’s similar to how people say “passed away” instead of “died”. The purpose of the resurrected Edge and the dragon program had both ended after the Divine Visitor pushed the button; it was their time to go.

In the Japanese version, the Heresy Dragon’s final words to Edge are “And… I’m sorry” rather than “we must go”. Edge almost certainly died.

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Edge should have just went with Gash. It would have been better than an abrupt death or being suddenly erased from existence. Sure the Tower network would still be enslaving mankind; but with Azel that could have changed.

That’s why sometimes, I can see the value to Craymen’s decision to want to control the towers. They were keeping a dead planet alive. What if shutting them down like Gash and the Seekers wanted, ultimately ended up killing the planet and drove everyone to extinction?! All one would have to do is stop the production of pure type monsters. That way humanity wouldn’t have to live in fear of population control.

And it feels like what Edge did according to Orta’s storyline, was temporary. And for all we know the planet could have been dying. Some towers and monsters where still active anyway, despite shutting down the Sestren Network…As if the network itself had a backup generator or reboot program.