Panzer Dragoon Saga Electric Playground 1997 Preview Video

I found this 1997 PDS preview from an old video game show called Electric Playground. The preview starts at 10:50. It shows some odd things that I don’t think were in the final game. For instance: Radgam the old hunter from Zoah can be seen sitting on the stairs near Aldo’s house, the battle interface looks different and one of the Sega reps stated that the game was planned to have 100 hours of gameplay!

Here is the video go to the 10:50 mark:

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Cool find!

I wish I could find my old e3 tape where I captures a lot of footage before it came out, Im sure there were differences

Is there any other footage anywhere of the game being shown pre-release?

I havent seen much . There are some longer E3 1997 videos but didnt notice any footage . Most is just clips. I actually recorded the whole demo but I didnt think much of it , I think I just threw it out, not thinking it could show differences. I dont remember the demo showing much, it was more a combat demo I think than any village . All demos used to be hands on back then, so they would be a pretty simple small part

this too

This is the demo I remember (at 6:17)

Wasn’t there some early code versions of Saga floating around a few years ago?