Panzer Dragoon Saga Disc Change help

I am playing through the Japanese version of Saga but cannot actually understand Japanese, making progress slow.

I don’t understand how to change from disc one to disc two, i thought you just open the cover and swap them, but this just stopped the game.

If anyone could explain how to change from disc one to disc two I would be extremely grateful


It’s a little hard for me to remember offhand, but you need to finish / confirm saving the game data and then swap disks as I recall. You may continue without other interruption, but you need to confirm the save, probably just by accepting the first prompt?

So long as you’ve saved your game (when prompted at the end of disc 1), you’ll be able to load that file from the load game menu on disc 2 and keep playing. If you don’t have a battery or memory cartridge, I seem to recall that you cannot move on to disc 2.

Though I’m sure you don’t need to power down, just change disks and (at most) reset.

But I even seem to remember just swapping out the disks will automatically boot the next?

Yeah, I think you’re right about that last point.

I don’t have my Saturn handy to check the exact procedure. Maybe someone else here who has a save near the end of disc 1 can check for jerihalliwell? In any case, the information provided so far should be sufficient.

You two are right. I played the game recently and when the disc is over, it tells you something to the effect of “end of disc X, please save your game before proceeding”. Then you press Start (I think), and the save screen is displayed. After saving, the previous screen will appear again telling that you may now switch discs. No need to reboot or anything, as soon as the disc is read, the game continues.

thankyou everyone for your help
i pressed start and was prompted to save the game
i’ll try to continue playing because even though i dont understand japanese, it’s still an amazing game with great art style and character design