Panzer Dragoon Saga Data on Defeated Enemies Screenshots

Hi there,

I notice there is no complete database of defeated enemies with snapshots for Panzer Dragoon Saga.
So i took all snapshots (with SSF 0.12 Beta R3) of those Defeated Enemies (Excellent Rank for all).

The following archive contains 5 folders like this:

  • Pure Type
  • Mutated
  • Imperial Forces
  • Craymen’s Fleet
  • Dragon Models

PDS_Data_On_Defeated_Enemies.rar (28.06MB)


Thanks @JacKc! I recently added some vehicle screenshots from PDS, but they didn’t include the creatures. We’ll upload these when we have time.

/cc @Geoffrey_Duke, @Draikin if you’re taking more screenshots, these ones were captured by SSF look quite good IMO. Any further thoughts on the quality? Perhaps we should mark them as captured with SSF?

Mark them as SSF IMO.

Thanks @JacKc! Marking them makes sense. I’m not sure how well Yabause handles the Defeated Enemy data, might be worth looking into for HD screenshots. But SSF is definitely going to be closer to the Saturn original.

I’m trying to decide whether to keep these vehicle screenshots already uploaded. Any thoughts?

There’s also question of how to best mark the capturing method of the screenshot. One option would be to add an additional field to each picture called “Picture Type”. This type could be photo, drawing, 3D model, screenshot (SSF), screenshot (native), etc. Easy enough to implement, although we’d need to go through and mark all existing pictures.

I had some spare time this afternoon, so I’ve added all of these screenshots. Thanks again @JacKc.

For now, I’ll keep the Imperial Archives screenshots on the site as well and just mention that @JacKc’s screenshots were captured using SSF in the picture descriptions. However, if anyone has any thoughts on how to improve the Pictures section, please make a new topic so that we can discuss your ideas.