Panzer Dragoon Saga Culture

After many long hours of work and an extensive play through PDS, I have added a new section called Panzer Dragoon Saga Culture to my site. Two Coolias, one old and one young, explain the many cultures of the Panzer Dragoon world, including the Hunters, Citizens of Zoah, and the Seekers.You will learn about the many roles and beliefs of each culture as well as the technology each culture possesses. Just be warned, these two Coolias get themselves into some pretty funny situations!

I tried to give this section a sense of humor, rather than just explaining each culture objectively. So check it out and have a couple laughs or two!!
Here it is

one down, one to go. :anjou_happy: j/k

I read a good amount of it but it doesn’t strike me as being funny. It seems like it’s intended for elementary school kids.

Well, not everything is funny, but make sure you read through everything, there are some really funny moments. I wont ruin it for all of you.

Legaia, I have nothing against you, but it strikes me as being slightly wrong to continually ‘pop’ your site on TWOTA’s forums…

it seems like nearly every topic you create has something to do with your website. :anjou_sigh:

After browsing through a couple pages, I had a bigger laugh out of the fact that this was supposed to be funny…

Sorry, but did you think we were all twelve year olds? :anjou_sigh:

Give legaiaflame a break… People have different senses of humour and it’s not his fault if not everyone finds it funny - maybe that’s not his only intention. Whether or not it’s the most original site section in the world, there has been quite a bit of work put into it and I find it a refreshing read - not because it’s funny or anything, but because I can learn a little from it.

I agree a little with what you’re saying about him posting a lot about his site, but then again I suppose it’s good that he wants to keep us updated…?

Ancient Weapon wrote:

Thanks, Ancient Weapon, my goal was to give everyone information on the various panzer dragoon cultures in a fresh new way, and I tried to give it a little bit of charm and humor at the same time. And Yeah, I think you guys are being a little harsh. I’m just trying to keep the Panzer Dragoon Saga legacy alive and fresh in everyone’s mind. I’ll admit, most times when I post, its because I want to show you guys something about Panzer I’ve done. But I just want someone to see it, seeing how I put a lot of work into it. It may not suit everyone’s tastes, but everyone has a different sense of humor. And please before you give your opinions on it, please read through the whole section entirely and not just part of it, as you may miss quite a lot of things.

Sorry, guys the site will be down for 24 hours, since it has exceeded its limit of 40 Megabytes of transfer per day. You can all check it out tomorrow for sure! Sorry. :anjou_sigh:

This is solo’s site, and even he only has 1 topic for his updates.

Legia. Stop fucking advertising your site on these forums. It’s all you seem to do on here, and it’s not on.

My site will be back in 24 hours! And i’m not advertising my site, i’m just showing everyone some new content!!!

Also known as “advertising” the new content.

Legaia, if you really want to stop being seen as a leecher, make one damned topic and put ALL your updates on it. Stop making a new topic for every new section you make.

Okay I will in the Future, sorry. Just to let everyone know, my site is back up and working, so if you want to view the update its accessible.

. . . Just put a link to your site in your sig. It’s not that hard.

He may have to ask Solo to do an enable_sig sweep on his profile if he adds a signature, considering that he didn’t have one when he made his previous posts… :anjou_wow:

So who read all the way through the new section?

I personally think this is exactly what we need from PD fansites… content presented in an original way such as this. Why go through the trouble of typing up an article about the Hunters which would basically be presented in the same way as an existing one. Adding a unique spin on the section using characters (great idea) keeps it fresh. In short, well done.

Legaiaflame, you might want to post smaller updates in one single thread though, like Arcie suggested. You can use TWotA updates topic if you like, that’s what D-Unit and I use when we update our sites.

Solowing wrote:

[quote] Adding a unique spin on the section using characters (great idea) keeps it fresh. In short, well done.

Thanks a lot Solo, I appreciate it. I worked very hard on this particular new content. I played PDS from start to finish acquiring various screen shots and information regarding each culture, and spend a considerable amount of time reading through Lance Way’s scripts. Drawing each character expression and comic involving these characters predicaments took a lot of hard work. My goal was to present PDS content in a fresh new way that was fun to read and enjoy, rather than just objective text.

And in the future I will be sure to use the updates thread. THANKS!