Panzer Dragoon Saga cosplay act

So here is a cosplay act I did with my sister at Abunaicon.
The act starts around 19:13
The act is a basic summary of disc 1 and is 3,5 minutes long.

I have to say these was our very first cosplay act we ever did. So we very nervous at the time.

Anyway I hope people here will enjoy the act, despite our sloppy acting.


That was quite awesome! Y’all did a great job with that.

Awesome! This might be the closest we get to a broadway Panzer Dragoon Saga production.

Do you have a video of just your section that I can add to the site?

Well this was the video recorded bye mayako studio and thus it is not owned by me.
But maybe you can add the whole video on the site and add a timemark.

Another option would be for me to download the video edit it so only my section remains. But I don’t know if that really is the right thing to do, because the video is not owned by me.

I think we should edit your section into a seperate video and also link to the full video on YouTube in the description (to give credit to the original source).