Panzer dragoon saga (azel)

I think the best dragon for me is the light wing because of its recharging special attacks and also the morphing dragon as this can give you defence or attack whenever you want to. :anjou_happy:

Atolm was a badass; his special attack was jaw dropping.

Solo Wing. Easily.

Once again, the fate of the world rests on the back of an armored. blue. dragon.

Goosebumps, man. Goosebumps.

solowing’s skydart form (we need an an’jou wearing shades smily)

i once did a loop de loop in zwei but i never figured out how i did it… that was the beginning of my love affair with skydart… metaphorically speaking.

The Solo Wing can morph too :anjou_happy:

For me it’d be a toss up between Atolm and the Solo Wing, but I voted for the Solo Wing since you can only choose one.

D.A.R.K.Y.Solo that means.

But Dragon Eye Wing is pretty cool too.

I think Light Wing is the best for me. How the hell do you play as atolm anyway?

Get the enemies behind you and…Ne Rai!

(by the way nerai is not panzerese it’s just japanese ねらい撃ちする is something like “to shoot with pinpoint targeting”)

You can’t.