Panzer Dragoon Saga advertisement - Edge Mask

Now that there’s an advertising section, I want to submit this ad I’ve had sitting on my harddrive for years! I didn’t scan it; I don’t remember where I found it originally.

I hope someone has the other masks that were on I’ve never seen them but I’m super curious!

Cool. I’ve set up you up with access to put this on the site itself (you should get a confirmation email - click the link, then reset your password, then log in). For the description just add as much info as you remember. Maybe someone else here will be able to provide more detail about the source.

I have that ad too! And after searching through countless old gaming mags, I’ve never found the other masks…:anjou_disappointment:

@legaiaflame Do you remember which magazine it came from? Or was it on

Yeah, the one I have is from (U.S.) Expert Gamer magazine, which was also formerly knows as EGM². The issue is from September 1998, has Megaman Legends on the cover and on the back cover, has the Edge Head ad!

Thanks @legaiaflame. I added your info to the picture’s description and published it.