Panzer Dragoon: Remake confirmed for PC (Steam)

It’s great that the purchase of a Switch isn’t required to play this any longer! Although personally I’m still hoping for a PS4 release, given that the system requirements are fairly steep.


This is the version I will be getting! I hope we get a new trailer soon. It would be nice to see what the rest of the game looks like…



Super excite!

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I’ll be happy if it will be released on PS4 as well. I have Switch, and my PC could probably run the game, but I prefer to play games on the PS4.

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If it doesn’t come out on PS4, I might just get a Switch, as my laptop is unlikely to run the game well. It could be a good excuse to upgrade or build a gaming PC (and play some of these upcoming Microsoft exclusives like Halo Infinite), but it’s probably not worth it.

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