Panzer Dragoon played with a Wiimote

Apparently it’s possible to use the Wiimote on pc and someone took the time to write a script to make it work with Panzer Dragoon 1. Check out the official website with videos showing how it works here:

Doesn’t sound very good currently… Maybe it will be worth it if they implement what they say they plan but I’m not very optimistic with them using glovepie and without having access to the game’s code in any way… I guess it might end up as at least a better option than strictly keyboard controls though.

I’d love a Panzer Dragoon on the Wii with controls designed from the ground up for it though <3

I think with some tinkering a PD game might work on the Wii.Of course PD1’s controls aren’t very good so that gameplay video looks clumsy

I think that’s the main reason I don’t get very far in Panzer Dragoon. XD I’m too used to the Zwei controls, they do feel incredibly clunky by comparison.

What is interesting is that the Wii controller is actually a pretty terrible pointer.

I had my parnets and inlaws play Wii Sports and they loved the games, but couldn’t use the pointer around teh interface- I always had to help them out.

I think this is a demo of how how problematic it is.

I suppose then you could play any emulated saturn game with the remote …

Really neat find!

Terrible pointer? How so? My mother who had never even used a PC to have an idea of the basic concept managed to use the Wii Sports menu perfectly with the only aid from myself being where to “click” as she doesn’t speak English. I can’t find a problem with it myself either, it seems as simple and easy as it could possibly be. I didn’t have to “get used to it” or anything as far as that function goes after setting up the system.

So, care to elaborate what the problem you and your family have with it is?

Interesting idea… although it probably wouldn’t work as well as it could in theory, a game like Panzer Dragoon is well suited to the Wii controller. Has anyone here who owns a Wii Remote tried this?

And I agree with Lagi’s point about the Wii pointer - I find using a d-pad/analog stick or a mouse for game menus more precise.

Meh, I really don’t see what the problem is, maybe you guys need to readjust the position of your sensor bar and the distance from it because I really don’t see how anyone could find it harder than a d-pad or analogue stick, or imprecise. Perhaps point-less (ha…) but that depends on the software, there’s not many things you can do with a menu after all…

Playing Half-Life 2 with the Wiimote takes quite a bit of getting used to but I have a bigger problem with adjusting to the analogue stick replacing the WASD keys rather than the pointer which works as expected (though turning also takes getting used to, for other reasons)…

I’ve only played the Wii at a friend’s place, so it could be that it wasn’t configured properly, who knows?

So Half-Life 2 works with the nunchuck controller then? How does it compare to, say, using the left analog stick to move around in Halo on the Xbox?

I’ve never played a console FPS that uses the analogue stick for motion before so I don’t know (last I played was on the Dreamcast and it used the stick for “mouselook”). I imagine it’s quite similar though.

Unreal Tournament on Dreamcast? I played that one too :slight_smile:

Halo was one of the first (the first?) games to use the duel analog stick FPS setup, and they did a tremendous job of getting FPS controls to work on console. I wouldn’t call them superior to keyboard and mouse, but they worked excellently with the weapons and movement in the Halo games (and better for the vehicular controls IMO). Also, four player split screen matches and co-op worked really well, making the game a pleasure for both causal and hardcore gamers to pick up without the need of an internet connection (which was one of the reasons Halo lost a lot of its charm when it came out on the PC). Certainly worth a try if you’re FPS fan.

One on these days I’ll have to try an FPS on the Wii.

Na, I had Quake III on Dreamcast. It was fantastic though they could have adapted the controls a little more. They should have decided on a few standard functions they would cut off and try to make up for it in some other way. Instead they had pretty much every function available on PC and left it up to you to decide which you will map on the limited buttons of the controllers and which you can do without. It took me a while to get a good set up but the basic controls (“mouselook” and moving around and shooting) were spot on.

Forgot about that one… I only played Unreal Tournament, but from your description it sounds like the controls were quite similar to Quake III.