Panzer Dragoon Papercraft

Pretty cool. It seems that you can print out the materials to build it.

Once again, if we can obtain permission, it would be good to put these on TWOTA.

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Wow!! That is awesome!!

So I was browsing Youtube and I came across a really cool video of the assembly of a papercraft version of the Blue Dragon. Additionally in the video’s discription it had a link to a blog post that had addtional photos along with a pdf print out of the plans incase anyone would like to make it themselves. If anyone would like to see a gallery of the finished assembly and plans for creating it just click on the picture below.

P.S. If you visit the blog you will first see a picture of an earlier version of the papercraft that is bulkier version along with a PDF file link for plans to make it. But if you keep scrolling down you’ll find the newer version of the papercraft.

Thanks for the links @ProjektNemesis117. Once again, if we can obtain permission to use these materials I’d be happy for this content to be posted on the main site. Perhaps you’d like to find out?

I have sent them a message on their blog asking for their permission. Hopefully someone answers with a yes.

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So after a very long time the creator of this Panzer Dragoon Papercraft model (Akira) has finally replied back to me and he was more than happy to give us permission to post pictures of his papercraft and video onto the main website. I’ll be posting the pictures on the main website soon.

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I see that you prepared a draft news entry @ProjektNemesis117. Thanks!

@Draikin, the video of the Papercraft model includes maybe six Japanese subtitles (at the start and end). Is your Japanese good enough to create English subtitles for the site?

I might be able to, I’d just need to look up some of the Kanji. I’ll try and find some time to look into this.

One thing that I would do to help is use the Google Translator app to help translate the words. Simply hold up your camera to your computer screen and have the app scan the words and it should be able to translate it.

Cool. I’ll leave publishing the news entry and related media with you then. I’ve already uploaded a copy of the video to the site, so you’ll just need to replace the video file with the subtitled version.

I guess you didn’t find time to do the translation @Draikin. Should I just publish the video untranslated if you’re busy?

Sorry, I keep forgetting about this. I’ll try and take care of this this weekend. If I still don’t get around to it, you can publish it then.

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I’ve gone ahead and published it as-is. Thanks for preparing the news entry and content @ProjektNemesis117.

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