Panzer Dragoon OVA Laserdisc on ebay

I was milling about ebay and found the Japanese Laserdisc for the OVA:


He also has the Japanese VHS for the OVA,

Anyone here own either of these versions???

I only have the US VHS. I would like to see it in Japanese at some point but I cannot imagine it being much better…

Still if I had a laser disc player and money to burn, this would be a purchase worth considering?


I bought both the Laserdisc and the Japanese VHS from the seller.

Expect them to accidently appear on youtube later.

Cool beans!

There’s enough trash on youtube.

Ha… :anjou_love:

There’s enough trash in the JGR thread but that han’t stopped either of you!!!111…




Both the LD and the VHS arrived today.

I have encountered a sentimental snag with the LaserDisc in the form of it being sealed.

I can’t bring myself to open it. :anjou_sad:

VHS rips it is for all of you, I’m afraid.

That’s okay, nice you got it sealed :slight_smile:

Damn you!! :anjou_happy:

Well the quality would be sub-VHS level thanks to YouTube compression anyway.

I guess it is important to keep it sealed for “optimum viewing” on some super-special occasion? Then again, pulling out the Panzer Dragoon OVA is a surefire way to ruin any special occasion? (I know what “collector’s angst” is like)


Damn you!! :anjou_happy:[/quote]

You’re just like the damnable black dragon!

Killing to satisfy your blood lust!!!1

Actually, no.

I wish to keep the seal on to extend my e-penis.

off-topic, but Power Instinct is fucking awesome.


Yes, it is. Have you played Prikura Daisakusen? It is too awkward for me to really class it as being a “great” game but I can never help but succumb to the charm that is batshit insane magical girls and a giant dog (???) fighting… well… whatever it is they are fighting.

Power Instinct Matrimelee for PS2/Neo-Geo is also worth a shot.


I just noticed, in the Japanese version of the PD OVA, the Dragon doesn’t speak when it places the bubble shield around Kyle and Alita.

In the English version they gave it that line of dialogue “This is your tale to tell Kyle, and mine, to finish” - which made it make even less sense when we saw the Dragon flying past the sun at the end ;p

I will have it ripped in a week or so, currently in the middle of a clear our of old shite (You know, Lego, Pokemon Cards, etc) and I don’t want to make any more mess atm. Also going on holiday in a few weeks for some rain and cloud on the beach at a seaside town.

Oddly enough I don’t remember spending much time with Purikura, I did try it out once or twice though.

There is also a Playstation fighter by Atlus that has Clara is a hidden character (I think its the game Heaven’s Gate).

Matrimelee is awesome but Bonnou Kaihou on the ps2 was terrible (ton of missing animation compared to Matrimelee, no ROTD characters, and you can’t smash around the Kurokos). Matrimelee is more fun even though it has lower quality music - which I don’t care about since I have most soundtrack cds they released for the game (I think I’m missing one, but as I understand its just a rerelease with a bonus video cd). The music in the game is all sorts of epic by the way.

Hokai, I attempte… ugh my dog was just sick on my new carpet. Smashing.

Right, attempted to rip it… it appears my USB capture device is not working because it is crap. I will be off to the shops shortly to buy a new one! Or maybe just buy one off ebay… idk.

Any recommendations on a good(ish) cheap one to use? (I only ever rip VHS to the PC)

I used to use a TV card to rip things from VHS before. Unfortunately I never figured out how to use it to produce a file that can be recognized by people who don’t have the software that came bundled with the card.

So I’m now help but tell me when you find something because I too have some VHS tapes I want to rip.