Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox 1.6 480p Fix

Hi guys, I’ve been a long time Panzer Dragoon fan and site Lurker.

So after all this time I decided to give something back to the community, sharing some info.

Now, as you may know, 1.6 xboxes have the Xcalibur video-encoder chip that makes Panzer Dragoon Orta and Gun Valkyrie Unplayable in 480p due to an encoding bug.

Even so, I’ve always wanted to play PDO on my 1.6 xbox in 480p…
Not wanting to buy yet another console (I already have 4 sega saturns and several others…)

The other day I found this on Youtube
Detailing a way to remove the scrambled graphics by booting the original PD included in PDO.

This method works on Stock 1.6 Xboxes.

In case you have a PAL xbox, you need to mod your xbox to enable NTSC and therefore the HD mode that enables 480p.
(Google Is your Friend)

For those with “liberated” xboxes there are more news.

After tinkering with the PD1.xbe in an Hex editor I found that changing it’s call for the PD1MAIN file to something else (keeping the same length) would crash the program, booting to Default.xbe but without the graphic bug.
Changing the call for Default.xbe to something (with the same length) would boot that instead.

So what I did after those code changes was, rename Default.xbe to Gamefix.xbe, duplicate PD1.xbe and change it to Default.xbe and voila, PDO directly working in 480p on a 1.6 xbox!
This method also works for Gun Valkyrie.

You can do these modifications to code with any hex editor or download the modified files.
I won’t link the modified files here unless given authorization, since they are copyrighted and I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but they are technically a patch to fix this bug and not that hard to find!

Give me your feedback on this subject.
I hope this information ends up helping someone else besides me…
I’m just very happy I found a way to play PDO in 480p finally!

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