Panzer Dragoon Orta Statue

Hi, I’m new to this website and after years of loving and playing this series, I’m finally old enough to be able to afford the things I missed out when I was younger. But I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy this coldcast statue its amazing and i would love it for my collection, and how often does it come up for sale online, Thanks for any info you can provide

Hi, welcome the TWOTA! That statue is very rare as far as I know, and it doesn’t appear to be on Ebay at the moment. I’m not sure if anyone here owns it. It’s probably not going to be easy finding one.

Well, I knew it was probably gonna be tough but it just gives me incentive to keep looking . Also thank you very much for your reply.

I began my Panzr Dragoon collection a few years ago, but i’ve never seen this statue for selling on internet :anjou_angry:

I’m searching for it also, i’ll miss the statues and few OSTs, us and brazilian version of the games and i’ll almost finish my collection :anjou_love:

Yeah same here started a couple years ago when I was done with school, but now I’m having trouble finding the rarer items like the orta themed Xbox which isn’t hard to get just very expensiv, the statue and the tiger handheld game/system. Well I suppose it’ll be a daily check on eBay and hope I can find one.

Wish I could have it too. I honestly do.

As much as this is gonna sadden me, the statue that we all have looked for is on eBay right now just search panzer dragoon and allow worldwide search it’s going for 300$ American 66$ shipping I want it so badly but I won’t have the money before it ends so I figured I’d be generous and let everybody know here that there is finally one for sale and happy bidding !

Thanks for letting us know,. Not something I’d spend my money on though, and certainly not as much as the seller’s asking.

I would probably buy it, but my family doesn’t have much money and we already spent a lot of it on other things lately. I really wish I could buy it.

I let you the orta statue, i found it two months ago on Yahoo Auctions Japan for 250? new in box. :anjou_love:

Mega Deal for the statue !
The price is friendly :anjou_happy:

Hurry up, one day and the auction is finished :confused:

[quote=“PXL”]Mega Deal for the statue !
The price is friendly :anjou_happy:

Hurry up, one day and the auction is finished :/[/quote]

Was looking for info on this statue and stumbled into this forum and saw your post *after * that seller and I agreed on a buy it now price. Got the statue a bit cheaper now :anjou_happy:

I’m a videogame fanatic and collect every memorabilia there is about it. Had to have this statue although I never played Panzer Dragoon :anjou_embarassed:

If you guys want to check out my ‘mostly videgame based statue collection’ go here:

And here it is:

It’s a real beauty, fortunatly everything arrived intact, no damage at all. Statue is brand new it seems. Glad I have this in my collection :smiley:

If you really want to know how much I paid for it: it was 150 pounds (about 170 euro) including shipping (30 pounds/35 euro? from England to The Netherlands).