Panzer Dragoon Orta Poster

I recently found a Panzer Dragoon Orta poster for sale. I missed out on this chance about a year ago and luckily the same guy put it up for sale again. I spent a billion dollars on it, and couldn’t find any decent images of it online anywhere, the best being this one here. I tried getting it scanned at a place with a large format scanner, but they didn’t have a bed large enough. So I settled for my phone’s camera. Hopefully it’s not too bad. Here it is for anyone else having trouble finding it.

(Btw, the site displays maximum allowed filesize as 10240kb instead of 1024.)

Hey, thanks. Could you please upload it to the website and write a short news entry announcing it to the community? I’ve set up an account for you, you’ll get an email about it, you’ll just need to reset your password before logging in.

Hmm, I’m having trouble logging in after confirming the email. Says invalid email or password when I try to log in.

You’ll need to set a password (there’s a link to reset it on the login page).

Oh, ok. I tried resetting my password from the forums but I guess it doesn’t carry over.

Yeah, the main site is completely seperate from the forum.

I’ve just published it. Thanks for the contribution, @Shakespeare.