Panzer Dragoon Orta on Cxbx-Reloaded (Xbox emulator)

I’ve been in touch with the developers of this emulator for quite some time. In the last couple of months, this emulator has progressed a lot. In fact, enough to run most of Panzer Dragoon Orta demo with few graphical glitches. I believe the retail game is also playable.

This makes the entire Panzer Dragoon series fully playable on a PC.

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing Striker. :slight_smile:

Everytime I look at Orta…I just wish we had the same game but with art direction by Manabu Kusunoki. That would have been the perfect game.

Looks really good in that video. Has anyone here tried running it on their PC? I don’t have the Orta disc with me (or a DVD drive for that matter), but it would be great to try this and see how much of the game is playable.

I’ve kept up with this emulator periodically, last tried Orta a week ago and couldn’t even get into the main menu. Heck yeah if it’s actually playable now.

Feels great when I spent $200 to play it on an xbone a month ago.

I gave it a whirl using the latest release build. I have a laptop with a 1070 card and a decent i7 processor that can clock to 3.2GHz

There is some audio skipping. Certain textures like the dragon’s wings don’t render or are rendered improperly like what’s observed in Pandora’s Box. Other than that it’s a massive improvement from the mess the earlier builds had.

I gave PD1 a shot (by loading it’s xbe file) and played through Episode 1 and what I played seemed flawless.

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There have been some improvements lately which helped reduce graphical glitches in the game and improved its performance. Some people are now able to progress further into the game.

Here’s episode 2:

And episode 3:

Edit: the entire game is playable from start to finish.


Hey, I can’t get my ISO of Orta to run on the Cxbx-Reloaded emulator. I heard the iso has to be an.xbe file to work with this emulator? I tried to convert it with no luck. Any suggestions?

You have to extract the .iso file, the .xbe is the game executable itself. You’d have to use a tool for extracting OXB ISO files though, such as Cxboxtool.

I don’t think the game is playable fully from start to finish, I’ve been trying it on every new release of CXBX and when Episode 2 starts I get garbled graphics.