Panzer Dragoon Orta Nonscale Coldcast Statue

I’ve read about this here:

Apparently only 500 produced! Does anyone have one? How much is it worth? Any past sales?

I know one person on this forum was looking to sell theirs. I’m currently in the market for one. It’s very hard to find past sales of this statue, but one sold for about $80 a few years ago. I do think it is worth more now, maybe $120. It could be worth more than that but it’s hard to tell.

EDIT: My bad, I thought you were talking about the pewter one. The one you mention is worth a lot more but I have never seen a listing for it.

Found one for sale here:

Wow! 360 USD?! That’s not that bad! I thought it was worth so much more. Well done finding it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s really a good price. Considering to purchase it on payday.

So yeah I couldn’t help myself and purchased the statue from that website. Will be sure to post pictures when it arrives!

I’ve got one of these, got it a few years back. Although Orta’s face leaves a bit to be desired, the rest of the statue is great. The chains move freely, it’s a good size, the coloring is fantastic, and there’s this cool see through material used for the wings that you can’t really appreciate without seeing the thing.

Here’s a pic I already had on my phone of the statue on one of Panzer Dragoon shelves:

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That’s a really nice setup that you have.

Thanks! It took a long time to get everything and I’m still missing a couple of items that I really want.
This picture is a little old I guess, I’ve got the music box on that shelf now, too. I’ve got 8 shelves across 2 cabinets full of gaming stuff, but two of them are dedicated solely to Panzer Dragoon and they’re my favorite shelves. Maybe later I’ll take new pictures and post a list of what’s there. I’ve got a few things that are pretty rare, and I just picked up a new item two weeks ago that really needs to be photo-documented!

My statue just arrived today. Pictures really can’t capture how awesome this statue is! Pics in link below.

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Do you want to put these photos on the site? I don’t think we have any of the box.

Sure! Would love to contribute.

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