Panzer Dragoon Orta might be coming to Xbox One

I’ll just link to the post I wrote on the front page:

Hopefully Panzer Dragoon Orta will be supported. It seems like an obvious candidate, along with Jet Set Radio Future. I’d like to see original Xbox games playable on PC too, but that seems less likely to happen (although not as unlikely as it once was).

I really hope they try some resolution hacks with their official emulator. They did say “WILL LOOK BETTER” so I’m really hoping it’s possible to finally play Orta at higher than 480p.

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I might buy a XBOX one just for the sake of playing Orta nicely… I havent had a chance to finish it yet on the original XBOX i purchased recently…

Also guys, sorry I couldn’t finalize my petition in time as my dad was hospitalized in the meantime… I am hoping to have it done… soon

Does Orta really seem like an obvious candidate? It didn’t sell well at the time and 14 years later I doubt enough people really remember it to make it a request game :anjou_sigh:

Orta seems to pop up a decent amount in the comments below articles about backward compatibility. Also it’s one of Albert Penello’s favourites, so there’s interest at Microsoft at least. Although the game didn’t sell well, it was highly acclaimed, earning a 90% average on Metacritic.

I am glad that Orta is backwards compatible on the 360. I just don’t need or want an Xbox One. While I greatly prefer the Xbox controller to the PS versions, there isn’t one game one the XBone that I can’t run on my PC and use my preferred control method. What I think would be more beneficial is some kind of service in Windows 10 where we could play games like Orta on our PC’s. The XBone is a simplified PC, so there isn’t a reason these games couldn’t be made to run on a PC. Orta and Rallisport Challenge are two games I would love to be able to play on my laptop on the go.

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The european compatibility is bugged on the 360 otherwise I would definitely have taken a 360xbox over the original xbox…

I prefer the 360 controller over the DualShock 3, largely due to the DualShock 1-3 having the analog sticks too close together so that my thumbs would constantly bump into one another. But with DualShock 4 this was largely resolved, along with the addition of better analog triggers and overall greater comfort; it is a huge improvement. The Xbox One controller, on the other hand, is a significant downgrade. Comfort-wise it’s never been better, but that light on the front of the controller is a huge turn off for me, so much so that I exchanged my Xbox One controller for a DualShock 4.

In any case, Orta on PC would make all these debates less important because we would have a choice.

Hey Shadow :slight_smile:

In the gaming forums where I post, throughout the years Panzer Dragoon Orta is always well regarded by gaming fans, and if you look on youtube it’s still gets quite a lof of attention.

This could be a good reason for me buying an XboxOne finally.

Has anyone seen this article? Bringing the emulation to PC might not be as farfetched as it might seem.

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Microsoft is basically striving to make almost its entire catalogue of console games retro-compatible now. That’s no small feat, and on the long term, it could be a big deal. Sony’s PlayStation Now isn’t going all that well, and despite the fact that they should be able to move faster, Xbox is actually outpacing them in regards of making more games from different platforms available on their console. As everything moves more towards digital, Sony’s digital PS3 and PS Vita catalogue is becoming less valuable over time as few people are still buying those games, contrary to the digital Xbox 360 catalogue.

Microsoft have stated that the compatibility list of original Xbox will be much smaller than that of the Xbox 360 titles, and will depend a lot which third party developers put the time and effort into back porting their games. One of the difficulties is probably the switch from Nvidia graphics in Xbox to ATI graphics in Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which I believe was why lots of original Xbox games were never made compatible with the 360.

I have been surprised to see Panzer Dragoon Orta is not listed here.

Does it mean Microsoft is aware of the game and would consider making it compatible anyway? I don’t know… but I guess it would still be nice to see it listed among other games to be made backward compatible.

Do we know if there is a reason it’s not there?

If we could get it added to the list, I would be happy to help promoting the vote for it.

Aren’t those just the Xbox360 games? I haven’t found any original Xbox games on the list, so that would explain why PD Orta isn’t there.

Well I didn’t know that, it might be the case then. But what about OG Xbox games? I thought some of them are also supposed to be made backward compatible. No vote needed for those, MS will just assume what people want or what THEY want?