Panzer Dragoon Orta: Kaze To Akatsuki No Musume

Well, I read through the entire previous thread ( we’ve had on this book, and I really wish the synopses of each chapter was finished. It’s awesome that there’s a more fleshed out version of Orta’s story out there, regardless of how canon it really is. Seems like it’s possible to buy it off Amazon, but considering the suggestion made by the previous thread’s title, I’m not sure if it would do me much good considering I don’t know a word of Japanese. Maybe I should hire a translator to read it to me every night as a bedtime story. :anjou_happy:

Does anyone else have some further insight about it that wasn’t mentioned previously? Also, a lot of the links in the last thread seem to be dead (10 years old after all). Would anyone who has the book be willing to reupload scans of the images contained in it?

I also couldn’t find anything about the bootleg Azel manga, any talk about that would be great.

Have you tried the Internet Archive versions of those links?

Also, you could check my To Sort folder. Discussion here.

It would be good to upload the scans to TWOTA’s Pictures section.

Even if I had the book with me, I no longer have a scanner. @UrbanReflex has my copy of this book. I am probably right in thinking that he is too busy at the moment to scan the art pages. You might have to get your own copy.

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