Panzer Dragoon on iOS/Android?

Just curious, how many of you would play PD1 if it were re-released on mobile platforms? I personally think it’s a good idea and it would work rather well control-wise. Use the accelerometer to move/aim, a virtual button to shoot and to turn from side to side. Sounds easy enough, right?

As a programmer, I understand that it wouldn’t be “a snap” either considering that you have to port the source to one platform from another (I know by experience). Aside from that, SEGA has bigger things on it’s plate atm. They have to worry more about keeping the current-gen crowd happy rather than cater specifically to the old-school fans so much. Either way, I’d still do it, and I’d gladly give them my money for it even though I already have the game on PC and Xbox.


I’d certainly like to see it. It might be something they could do if they ever get around to porting the Sega Ages version to XBLA/PSN/PC, in the same way they’re converting Jet Set Radio to just about every platform that’s available now.

I’d like to play it. Perhaps targeting enemies could be done my sliding your finger across them, as in Crimson Dragon: Side Story?

However, I’d rather see the game ported to consoles and PC first. No matter how optimised the touch controls are, it’s unlikely they would be as a good as physical controls. I’d also prefer to see Zwei since overall it’s a better game and marks the beginning of the story. Panzer Dragoon hasn’t aged as well.

Yeah, I’d rather see Zwei ported to PC or XBLA first (assuming the source isn’t lost), but I also like the idea of playing it on the go. I can only imagine what the source would look like and what it would take to port it to Direct3D.

This I respectfully disagree with. IMO, Streets of Rage 2 aside, PD1 has the highest replay value of any game I’ve ever played. No matter how many times I beat it, it never gets old, and I soon find myself playing it again, or at the very least just playing through the first level for nostalgia.

Would porting it to Direct3D allow the game to work on non-Windows devices? I would have thought OpenGL would be the way to go for supporting multiple platforms.

The controls could use some refinement; Zwei’s feel much smoother. But perhaps the controls could be improved if the game was ported.

Personally, i don’t buy it, except if the game is free.

In fact, i never buy any virtual softwares. I prefer the physical form.

Yeah, but XBLA games don’t use OpenGL. At that particular moment, I had stopped thinking about the mobile thing.

Is it just XNA games that don’t use OpenGL, or C++ XBLA games? What do games such as Braid use, since they run on both the 360 and non-Microsoft platforms such as PS3?