Panzer Dragoon on eBay

I was searching around on eBay and noticed some cool Panzer items on but am somewhat short on funds at the moment. So I think it’s a good idea to have a thread for sharing all the cool/rare PD merch that shows up so other folks can have a chance at it.

Tiger “R-Zone” system with Panzer Dragoon cart.
Panzer Dragoon music box
PD T-shirt
Panzer Dragoon “Super DX” pack w/ shirt (I WANT IT SO MUCH! :anjou_sad: )
Azel Strategy Guide (in Japanese)

Good luck to anyone who can afford to bid! :anjou_happy:

Guh, why does Panzer swag gotta be some damn expensive! Even the T-Shirt is almost $100 :anjou_angry:

I do hope no unsuspecting Panzer newbs pick up the R-zone for that price thinking it’ll be any good. Totally not worth it.

Thanks for posting, Nemoide. I just bought the Azel Guidebook, which was missing from my collection.

So it was YOU!! =P

dodges snow ball to the head

Haha, don’t worry Snowie. What’s your address again… mwahaha… :anjou_happy:


I’m not usually inclined to post my address for all the world to see. Emailed to you.

In other news, a blue dragon was sighted attacking international mail services flying over the North Atlantic Ocean. It is uncertain what motivations were behind the attack, but investigators are theorising the dragon mistook the plane for an airship of Imperial origin.

Die Welt Von Panzer Dragoon Zwei - “on sale” for less than $30.

I ordered a copy, but this doesn’t turn up as often as other PD books, so I must share!

zomg! is that the music box you get in the camp (if you have a zwei save i think)?

man i want that

It comes with the Deluxe edition of the PS2 version of Panzer Dragoon. It plays music from the game.

Panzer Dragoon Orta custom faceplate for Xbox 360.

It’s not official, but it looks pretty high quality, and worthy of sharing.