Panzer Dragoon Official Illustrations by Ryuichiro Kutuzawa

Link to download official artworks : Panzer Dragoon Official Illustrations by Ryuichiro Kutuzawa.rar (69.91KB)

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Thanks. But there appears to be a problem with the RAR file. Only 69KB? Chrome is blocking it too.

Weird Chromse is blocking the archive !!!
69KB is normal because it is the same artworks in the archive as in this post (just posted a link in case there is a problem with images posted here)…And no i haven’t found them in better resolution :disappointed_relieved:

On a side note, these artworks seems to be used in Panzer Dragoon Endings…Maybe they can be captured via emulation with SSF.

Do you think the in-game versions are higher quality though? Otherwise I’ll just add these ones.

The captures would be surely higher in size but probably more pixelated.

On a side note, are you interested by Official Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES 2500 wallpapers?

Sure, we could use any images that are missing from the Pictures section. Just make sure they’re well named/labelled. In the description on the site we’ll need to specify how to access the wallpapers in the game too.

OK here is the link to download all official Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES 2500 Wallpapers:

Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES 2500 Wallpapers.rar

and a bonus for the Panzer Dragoon Pictures category:

Panzer Dragoon Arts.rar

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Thanks! Can you briefly explain where the player can find these images in the game (or related media)? This is for the picture description on the site.

The five illustrations can be seen in the Panzer Dragoon Sega Saturn Game during Credits ending.

For reference, see here:

Concerning the Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES 2500 Wallpapers, i guess they are some promotional wallpapers done by SEGA for the compilation release.

Where did you find them?

On the official SEGA AGES site:


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Finally took the time to finish again Panzer Dragoon and took the time to capture with SSF all those Illustrations by Ryuichiro Kutuzawa.
They are a little more pixellited but in better size:

Hope you could add them in TWOTA Panzer Dragoon pictures database as:
Panzer Dragoon Sega Saturn Game Ending Illustrations by Ryuichiro Kutuzawa - Captured with SSF Emulator

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Hey @JacKc, I’ve implemented a new (experimental) feature on the site so that you add pictures directly. You should have received an email asking to confirm your account. Confirm the account, set a password, and you’ll be able to upload new pictures (from Pictures > New Picture) and fill in the required meta data. When the pictures are ready, I can publish them.

Let me know how you get on. :anjou_happy:

Just tested this new (experimental) upload feature with those illustrations and it seems to work fine for me :smile:

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Excellent. I’m glad it worked.

You could fill in some extra meta data, e.g. related encyclopaedia entries, say that the pictures were captured with SSF, etc. This will make the pictures easier to find when people search for them.

The Sega Ages wallpapers can go in the Official Wallpapers category. You can add links to the official site in the “Information” box (using Markdown links).

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All SEGA AGES 2500 series vol.27 (Panzer Dragoon) have been uploaded as well as the Panzer Dragoon II Zwei ending screens (24 in total).

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I’ve published these images and updated the main page to share them with the world. Thanks again for your help @JacKc, uploading the images was a big help.