Panzer Dragoon musical inspiration in Shadow of the Beast?

OK this is something that goes back to day one of playing the (first) game for me, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before but as I’ve been binging on game tunes lately it came into focus again. I’ll just let some of the best examples speak for themselves:

Shadow of the Beast - Raw '80’s chip-tunage disclaimer!

And just because it’s awesome and basically the only arranged/updated versions I’ve heard that don’t suck:

And for PD -

So yeah, I’ve wondered if it’s just me or not, but these OSTs have always had a link in my head. The most obvious similarities are also the most general; the basic backbeat with a tribal accent and some of the instrumentation. And it must be said they’re both coming from an electronic progrock/krautrock direction, Yoshitaka Azuma somewhat directly, and David Whittaker just generally. So it’s all part of the fusion and inspiration that informed the whole scene regardless…

But, they still have more in common for me than anything else I’ve heard. And they both set a similar tone of hostility and menace as well as beauty, mystery and wonder, that complement the visuals and atmosphere of their games perfectly. I’ve had no indication someone else here ever even played Beast before, much less the original version, but I’d be interested to know what anyone else thinks.

And hell in Shadow of the Beast, you essentially even play as a funky blue armored bioweapon rebelling against it’s creator! :anjou_happy:

Some actually reminded me of Soul Reaver. Regardless, that’s some awesome music.

Not the same composer as the first game, but I’d be especially interested if this one reminded you of anything in particular Ghen. Mainly from just after the two minute mark… :anjou_happy:

(and yeah I have the only comment there it seems)