Panzer Dragoon Music Box

I’m looking to buy one of these Panzer Dragoon music boxes if anyone is willing to part with theirs. Obviously willing to pay, and prefer to use Paypal so buyer and seller both get their protections.

If you’ve got one of these boxes just sitting around, please contact me. I’ve been looking for a long while, and my Panzer collection will never be complete without one!

Still looking! Someone out there has to have one!

Please… someone sell me your music box… I promise to love it forever. I’ve been looking so long, several times every day. :frowning:

After searching for so long, I finally got one!

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Good for you man. Hope you enjoy it.

Damn, it’s so small though…

Cool. It looks like it’s in better shape than my one (which has a few scratches on it).