Panzer Dragoon Mini Gameplay

The YouTube channel known as “World of Longplays” has recently released a full walkthrough of a Panzer Dragoon game known as “Panzer Dragoon Mini” for the Sega Game Gear if anyone wants to check it out.

It’s cool that someone recorded a full play through. I’ve already completed Panzer Dragoon Mini, so I won’t watch it again. PDM is essentially a remix of levels and bosses from the first two Panzer games in 8-bit style.


It was fun trying to place some of the 8-bit tracks though. Not missing much by not playing this one, but it’s about as good as I’d expect it to be.

@Shakespeare, I’m not sure I’ve you’ve heard them already, but if not you might be interested in listening to a couple of extra tracks that are missing from the game itself. Robert Mueller extracted them for us:

Wow, cool stuff there. They sound surprisingly faithful. Makes me imagine how a Shelcoof might have looked as a final level in this.