Panzer Dragoon MIDIs - post 'em!

Hi everyone,

While bored, using CyberWarriorX’s program Seq2mid, I took the music from Mel Kava (Holy Chariot) from the Panzer Dragoon Saga CD and reorchestrated it.

You might have to copy and paste this link as I don’t know Tripod’s policy on hotlinking.

I don’t know much about MIDI and I didn’t know exactly which instruments to use, but I think it’s an okay “remix”. I used bells because they sounded cool in Sea Of Ice from Zwei.

It’s quite easy to do, just get a MIDI editor, Seq2mid and any file ending in .SEQ from Panzer Dragoon Saga or .SND from Panzer Dragoon Zwei. Then convert them using Seq2mid and change the instruments around to make them sound a little more realistic. I used a program called SMidi to reorchestrate them, but there might be better ones out there.

What do you think, does anyone want to post any? Seq2mid is very easy to use but sadly limited in its capabilities as the SEQ format is not directly comparable to MIDI. Regardless, it’d be interesting to have a competition to see who can get a MIDI closest to the real songs!


i had intensively searched for panzer midis in the past. not so much for casual listening since i have most of the mp3s, but instead for various programs that can import midis for remixing purposes. if you could get a midi format of sea of ice 1 (doesn’t matter how great the instruments sound), i would appreciate it. has 4 midis from PD, and 2 from PDS.

EDIT: and you need to right-click -> save as to get anything from tripod

Hi Megatherium,

Will these do? Straight from Seq2mid:

As I said, the instruments are all over the place. If you want me to try to clean them up a little, I’ll give it a go. Glad to help!

Cool, thanks for the link. I had a MIDI of the music from Panzer Dragoon Zwei’s Episode 2 boss, which was rather good, but I don’t have it any more!

Let me know if the MIDIs were okay! Anyone else want to contribute or want a MIDI?


cool, those will actually work just fine for what i have planned. thanks, again!

No problem! :anjou_happy:

Sea of Ice is a cool track. I would be interested to hear what you do with it! Good luck!


I can’t download it AW.

Hi Gehn,

Did you try copying the link and pasting it into a new tab or window? I think Tripod frowns upon hotlinking to anything other than a markup page.

Let me know if you manage to get it. It’s an early project, so it’s not all that great yet!

Hey, I actually liked that.It’s cool.There are some parts tho were you could get rid of the bells specifically for them tho.

Thanks! It was an “artistic foray”. Well, not really, more of a slight remix. I think that Megatherium’s project for Sea of Ice might be interesting, though.

I guess it needs a fair bit of work!

Basically all Seq2mid can do is get the note information into a MIDI format, I would really need to do a little bit more than changing the track instruments to get a song sounding decent. The tracks with drums require a fair bit of work too, as the drum tracks are likely to be needed to be cut and pasted and then edited before they sound close to the real song.

That version of Holy Chariot you downloaded was basically straight from Seq2mid but with the instruments changed and a couple of (too complicated) channels removed. In order to get it sounding quite realistic, I’d need to edit the actual MIDI events, which is something I’m apprehensive about!

I still fancy the idea of making a player for these files though, then PD fans would be able to launch the player then play their favourite sequences direct from the game CDs!

What do you suggest the track needs? I couldn’t find a synth brass sound that matches the original, so I used the bells instead. I guess I was just seeing what they sounded like.

Thanks for the reply, anyways!