Panzer Dragoon Masks

Have you guys seen this ad?


Anyone know if the other masks mentioned still exist?*

I have seen that, actually. Even though that’s ripped from a US magazine, by the looks of things, I think it also made it’s way to a UK Sega Saturn magazine too (maybe Saturn Power), if I’m not mistaken.

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i seem to remember something like that too in a saturn UK magazine… forgot which tho!


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I had an account here before, but I don’t know what happened to it. :anjou_disappointment:

So, any idea about the Paet, Dragon, Azel, and Captain masks?

I was wondering about them, too. I would really wanna see the Craymen mask.

In the ad it said to download the rest from It would be nice if someone saved them somewhere on their computer so we could archive them…