Panzer Dragoon Maps

This were posted on the Die Welt forums before- they don’t really serve a use on my site, so if anybody is interested in using them for their site or to prove a theory, have at them.

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Oh my damn, those are awesome.

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Should probably give some clarity to what is up there-

map_pd1.jpg - came with PD1 guide book
map_pd2.jpg - came with PD2 guide book
map_pd3a.jpg - came with PD3 guide book 1
map_pd3b.jpg - came with PD3 guide book 3

The ‘compile’ maps are maps where I tried piecing them together as best I could (or point out similarities) - they don’t line up perfectly, but good enough for what I think the developers intended.

Yeah, I remember those, especially the last one which pointed out the routes that each game travelled. Makes me wonder where Orta’s adventure would begin and end?

Hey, many thanks lagi. I’ve seen these maps before, but I’ve never been able to get hold of copies, so cheers!

Good work on the compilations, too: BTW, I’m sure the “compile 1” map is the correct way they’re meant to be linked up, rather than the “compile 2” idea.

Anyway, would anyone like to see any further compilations showing how different combinations of maps are meant to overlap? I’ve just been toying around with them in Photoshop, and I seem to have figured out the correct line-ups between them all. I’d be happy to edit some place names and lables into them to create some “definitive” maps, if anyone would like to see such things on TWOTA. (And if Solo would be wanting to host this kind of stuff, of course.)



Well, using lagi’s maps I’ve put together an illustrated map that covers both PD1 and Zwei. Try the link below, BTW, this is just a preview image.

I know it’s a bit amateurish, but I plan to work on it some more later on (as well as doing some other maps). I just wanted to know what you guys think so far, so any suggestions / criticisms are welcome :slight_smile:

Click here for the full size image

Hey that’s a .TXT file Lance.Can’t grab it.

Anyways, it’s good you put these up Lagi cause when I last “cleaned up” my PC these were deleted.Btw, I’m waiting for that update you promised. :slight_smile:

Ah, I’m getting so used to Geocities that I forget its problems.

If you want to grab it, it should work if you right click here, save the target, and then turn it from a .txt into a .jpg file when you’ve downloaded it.

On second thoughts, it would probably make more sense for anyone to just get the .JPG directly by right-clicking here and saving the target, if you’re after it. Sorry, I really am half asleep this morning :slight_smile:

Anyway, like I said this isn’t meant to be the finished edit of the map, I just wanted to see if anyone thought it was any good before I start throwing files at Solo :slight_smile:

I remember these Lagi. It’s good that you posted them again, as I lost all the pictures on my harddrive not long ago. The compile maps raise some good ideas too.

Lance, the illustrated map you made looks nice; the screenshots on it are very clear. Perhaps we could make a “Maps” section for TWotA and put all of this stuff up there, with theories and information to go with it. I seem to remember there was a page like that on Shining Force Central - - where different Maps were shown and discussed from the Shining Force series. Something like that would be a worthwhile addition to the site.

On there is a wallpaper (the Altered Genos one I think) that showed a map in the background. I think this is meant to be where Orta takes place. It’s hard to make it out very clearly though.

Very cool map, Lance!

That sounds like a great idea, solo…

The maps are awesome, when i get around to updating my site (and i do have big plans!) i will put them up.

Btw anyone know of a good free program that i can use to grab screenshots with? I have s-video input on my graphics card and i have the video in driveres installed, i just need a good software program to take advantage of it. I’d like to get some screenshots from PDO.

sigh I gotta resume the work in my PD webpage or else Twota will pwn it all…


Just wondering…

Did Orta or Saga take place with in that map?

Do we have know anything of the areas they took place in
other then what you see in the game?

[quote=“sharky”]Just wondering…

Did Orta or Saga take place with in that map?[/quote]

As a bit of a preview of what I’m working on for TWOTA, here’s the master compilation that shows how those four maps fit together, and where the first three games take place. It’s work-in-progress (and scaled down), so bear with me:

(Note that the white “route” lines are a bit arbitrary, as it’s hard to be accurate on such a large scale, and two slightly different versions of the routes are given.)

[quote=“sharky”]Do we have know anything of the areas they took place in
other then what you see in the game?[/quote]

I’ve worked out that Panzer Dragoon Orta takes place to the east and to the north-east of what you can see on the map above. (The Wormriders’ desert in Orta is in fact the “Great Plains” area to the east of where PD1 takes place.)

There’s actually shedloads of geographical info in the games, and I’ve been able to add regions like the Empire, the Frontier, the Meccania Federation and even obscure places like Former Teed to the maps with surprising ease and accuracy.

Expect to see the finished map selection in the not-horiffically-distant future.

Cool thanks for the preview.
Thats really cool…

Im going to play ORTA now its put me in the mood ;p

I can’t wait to see the final map- it is looking great! All the little locations (are you going to have a legend?) pinpointed will be excellent.

Almost becoming a map worthy of Tolkien!