Panzer Dragoon Lock-on glitch?

Panzer Dragoon Remake Lock-on glitch

From Gigarava on Gamefaqs:

"I don’t know if this was part of the original, but in this remake the right stick has a ‘zoom in/out’ feature. Tilting up “zooms in” the dragon/pilot closer to the screen while tilting down “zooms out” the dragon/pilot. away from the screen Feels a bit backwards IMO. However this is NOT as much for viewability.


I can’t emphasize this enough, because the lock-on responsivenss has been an issue with people who’ve played, some feeling it’s a dealbreaker. Not that it didn’t work at all, but it certainly had an inconsistency that wasn’t in the original. Before my second playthrough I would have had to agree the targeting could be a bit more refined. However, when I started messing with the zoom in/out feature, I found the perceived difference very noticeable. My first playthrough I was frequently targeting 3-4 enemies at a time with some effort; sometimes more, sometimes less. My second playthrough however I was easily tagging 7-8 enemies at a time, and with little problem at that."

I seriously doubt this is some placebo effect. There’s no doubt I was playing pretty much the same way I did on my first run and I was having a much easier time locking on to multiple targets.