Panzer Dragoon Like Flash Game

No, this isn’t the official PD FLash mini game, however I think it’s pretty obvious it’s been inspired by PD…
Give it a try, it’s good fun, the graphics and controls aren’t as good as the official game however I like the levels and the rotation more in this :slight_smile: the official was too 2D feeling, this feels more 3D-ish :slight_smile:
Now that I think about it this is kind of like Space Harrier meets Panzer Dragoon :slight_smile:
I have the prequel too but it’s not really good, the controls are very very bad and it doesn’t have anything to add to the story at all so I didn’t think it’s worth to post here. In fact I didn’t post it in case people played that first and then didn’t bother with the sequel which is good.
If anyone is interested in it reply and I’ll add the link to it tho…but trust me it was bad.

EDIT WOW I hadn’t passed more than a couple levels when i posted this and DAMN this game ROCKS!!! I hope he’s gonna make a sequel :smiley: the levels are sweet!! If a GBA PD game was made I wouldnt mind at ALL if it was like this one!!! Add the lock on and the PD story and better gfx and you don’t need the rotating of view to have a good PD game :smiley:

An awesome game indeed. Like you say, a handheld Panzer like this would be great.

Actually, given the hardware of today, they could make it even better than this, which would be SWEET!, because this game rocks!

Also, am I the only one who thought that he saw a flash of Lagi flying by the first level? (probably…i thought he might of added it in as a joke, but…maybe i didn’t see it after all…)
This is another shooter from the same creator. It’s a pretty cool game too, this guy rocks! Cleaner gfx as well and full 3D motion in this one :), it’s not dragon related but it still rocks :slight_smile:
It even has a first person view mode :slight_smile: now why don’t we see any games like these for GBA, all it gets is snes game conversions or clones as far as good games are concerned :\ some of those are great to do but they could have more original games as well… if one person alone can do it in flash then companies can do it in GBA better :expressionless: I hope sega makes a move like that cos I’m sure they could have good profit from GBA if they started to look into it serious since not many companies do that even tho the GBA is quite popular and even quite powerful for a handheld console…

Hey yeah! I saw this a couple months back and kinda found it Panzery too! This rocks!

Actually I tried the first Nimian flyer again and it’s not THAT bad, it just doesn’t control as well as the sequel and there is no story and it also lasts very little and doesn’t really have any enemies as the only things u can shoot down don’t shoot back and only appear for a little bit…
Give it a try if ya want, the sequel is much better tho :slight_smile:

ah, damn, haven’t got enough memory for shockwave to play them…better go put some into internet explorer…damn memory…