Panzer Dragoon LCD Game(s)

PXL, I’m going through the photos you sent me at the moment and have a few questions about the LCD game photos.

Are the Panzer Dragoon R-Zone game and the Panzer Dragoon Pocket Arcade game the same game but with different packaging? If so, does “Panzer Dragoon (Tiger Electronics)” seem like the best name to you?

Is the Pocket Arcade version specific to any particular region?

Another interesting thing is that the back of the Pocket Arcade packaging says that “you are the Sky Rider”. However, the front of the box shows Kyle and the Blue Dragon. I assume this means you play as Kyle and not this Sky Rider? If so, Sky Rider is probably meant to a descriptive title for any dragon rider.

The R-Zone game and the LCD Game seems to be the same game.

The difference is that the R-zone Game have no background, you have just the “sprites” in a red color. (except for the super screen version who add a background that is the same that the LCD version)

the name is good.

In my opinion, the Panzer Dragoon Pocket Arcade LCD version, was edited only in USA.

For the sky rider. Tiger have writing this to make the buyer proud of his purchase ^^, i think