Panzer dragoon language

I’ve read on a magazine that the language that the characters speak at PD are not german nor japanese but panzerese is there a real panzerese language?

Indeed, it is its own language.

Here’s some info about it.

I remember reading that page ages ago; yet more proof of the immense level of detail that Team Andromeda put into their world.

Has anyone every tried to work Panzerese out any more after Panzer Dragoon Orta came into existance? Surely there’s a lot more material there, and it might be able to shed some light on things.

(Actually, is Panzer Dragoon Orta’s dialogue in Panzerese? Forgive my blatant ignorance of linguistics - I’m one of the people who never noticed the Panzerese / Japanese change in Panzer Dragoon Saga…)

Yes Panzer Dragoon Orta is completely in Panzerense.

I have to wonder about the US translation though. Was it just me or did there seem to be a huge difference in the amount of text written on the screen and the amount the narrator was actually speaking?

Thanks for the info guys now all i have to do is to print it out and give it to my linguist brother so he can tell me exactly what happened in the story of PD1 & PDZWEI because the copy that i have is in japanese that’s why i don’t exactly understand it.

Eh, I doubt there’s enough info there to be able and translate the game…
I’m sure you can find more info about Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternatively you can go to the newly launched Panzer Dragoon Legacy site created by D-Unit. It’s outlining the story of all 3 Saturn games complete with pictures in it’s “history” section.
More info and the link to the site in this thread:

If you’re interested, the actual English scripts for the first two games can also be found in TWOTA’s “dialogue” section (click here to check it out). Though these official translations are evidently not 100% perfect, they are what exists in the English-language games, so they’re as good as most Western gamers get.

If you’re looking to simply come up with more accurate translations than these though, I’d agree with Alex that Japanese would be a better language to investigate. After all, it’s a defined real-world language, and there is much more information avaliable on it than on Panzerese.

Yeah,Panzerense doesn’t like prepositions very much.

Anu Orta Venyia lyrics translation is a good exmaple why.Still it DOES make sense.

Hey Lance thanks for the tip now i don’t need my brothers help :smiley: