Panzer Dragoon Inspired Music

Hello Everyone,

First Ever Message here at the community Forum.
SoloWing has explained to me to make a forum topic on the matter.
Got some Panzer Dragoon Inspired Music up in the Music Section of Panzer Dragoon Legacy Website (thanks to Solo_wing), listen if you may.

Some new ones are pending awaiting publication ok as we speak/breathe.

Thanks and goodbye,



That’s pretty impressive, nice work!

Thanks for following the process @Artst_Formally_Known. As I’ve told others, I’m trying to coordinate all site contributions here in order to obtain the mythological Inbox Zero. :anjou_happy:

For this contribution, I just want to go through and clean up the translations, ID3 tags etc (which we should probably display on the site itself…) first before publishing the tracks. I’ll get that done some time this week.

Thanks Draikin.

I’ve published them. Recreated the news entry so that we have a bit more to say.


I’ve shared a new track… I say new. I made it a long time ago… it kind of gets-me-down that I got no where in life as the older me looks back and thinks to it’s younger self, that was good, why did you not make endless amounts more?

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I like it. I’m glad you shared it with us.

Edited and published.

Thanks Solo_Wing. I’m not sure I have the energy to make anything like this track, in this day and circumstance :expressionless: I do have another couple or something from that time…

On the plus side… joke:
If Panzer Fried Chicken were a fast-food chain, it’d have lock-on laser fries and solo ‘wings’.
Harr harr.

Maybe I expend energy on joking too much so that’s why no stellar music haha.

Ok, thanks again.