Panzer Dragoon: In 1337!

…in some form, anyway :anjou_happy:

Hey, everyone. I know it’s been ages since I posted on this site. And I feel bad too, because I feel like this community and everyone in it have contributed a lot to my life (Yes, that sounds extremely nerdy, deal.)

I was just browsing my HD today and came across this minute and a half long animation I made about two years ago, I think. I never quite finished it, but what I had so far made me laugh. It was just so random and corny, I couldn’t help but show it to you folks.

If you’re wondering about the quality of the images, there are two reasons for it: 1) The poor drawings were deliberate, as it adds to the humor. 2) They were drawn with nothing but MS Paint. I rule.

I hope you guys get a kick out of it:

Oh, also, this is to let everyone know that as of now, Panzer Dragoon X (My fanfic) has been discontinued. I no longer have the time, nor interest in finishing it. Pity. I put it off so long that I forgot where I was taking the story.

And I have a new e-mail address as well. Forward any questions or comments to Hopefully my address on the site could be changed too, because I no longer check my mail in the other account.

It’s not totally bad from an animation stand point.But it’s too silly to be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I thought it was so silly that it couldn’t not be funny, and I actually laughed out loud at the T0w3r of P0w3r line and the stick-man Sky Rider. :anjou_happy: Awesome stuff Neil.

Well, you can tell it was made two years ago before I developed my “funny gland.” I mean, look at all the “WAZZUP” jokes in there. :anjou_embarassed:

Hehe… I got a good chuckle out of it. I also liked the T0w3r of P0w3r and the poor stick man Sky Rider.

Hey Neil. It’s good to see you’re still alive and well. I loved the animation, especially the “whazzup!” part. Those adverts always cracked me up back when they were first aired.

haha tower of power
strangely that was my msn screen name about a week ago o_O

I had to stop halfway through to do something
i’ll re-watch it later =)

It was amusing, and pretty good quality for being paint powered. XD