Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake is planned for this year

I imagine they’ll build upon the code built for the first game, but refine the mechanics to match Zwei’s. Zwei handled quite differently from the original game.

Hopefully the art style will be closer to the original this time around. Zwei had a really distinct colour palette in both the game and the official art.


Always loved how Zwei looked and felt, really curious how the Remake will pan out


They messed up the 1st one, I expect no different for the sequel. This team and most so their Art dept should be allowed anywhere near the Panzer IP

I disagree. Played it on the PC and enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing what they do with Zwei.

I hated it and the look wasn’t Panzer at all. It looked more like the day of the triffids

I think for me original PD1 was always sort of flawed, it was a mismatch of styles while the team was still figuring out the universe

I disagree with a lot of choices the Remake team made, but I can see why it was difficult

But Zwei was very well thought-out and cohesive . I’ll be more upset if they really change art directions on things that were very deliberate


I actually like the Art in the 1st game more TBH especially on the design of the bosses, I thought the music was better too.

Panzer Zwei was amazing on a technical level mind and the 30fps made such a difference to the playability

I got my hands on Zwei way before the original - did anyone else start with the demo where you get to play Episode 3? That’s all I did for so long, just play Episode 3 over and over. It really did make me want to play the full game, even Episode 3 alone had good replay value.

So I’m hyped for this. It’ll be jarring if they mess with the art style too heavily but if they nail the feel I’ll probably still enjoy myself. We’ll see. I had fun with the first remake but as stated, I have stronger ties to Zwei.


I remember playing the full game at a friend’s house, but only having the Episode 3 demo at home for a while. It was a great stage to demo, especially that epic boss battle with the golia.


Can’t wait to play it. Still haven’t gotten around to playing the first remake.


I never knew that there was a Zwei demo.

It was part of the “Sega Flash” demo discs where you’d get several demos to play on one disc. I believe Zwei was on volume 2.