Panzer Dragoon fan game: Update

Just posting to give you an update on the Panzer Dragoon fan game that was being planned (see the links below for more details).

The game is currently on hold, as Feveth (who’s idea and project it was) it currently quite busy moving house and also working on a Dragon Ball Z game. Apparantly, the storyline that we started working on may or may not be used, but I hope that if it isn’t it can be used somewhere else.

Feveth said she’d post when she’s really to resume working on it.

I think I’ll just take a seat and work on other PD related things for the site in the mean time, rather than planning for something that may not ever be completed. I’d love to contribute to a Panzer Dragoon fan game one day, though.

Atolm is also working on a PD comic just now, I believe.

It’s good to know that the project is still going to go ahead, I thought that it might have been dead since we haven’t heard from Feveth for so long.

I hope she doesn’t plan to do it a one woman project anyways… It can end up good but if she was willing to actually cooperate as a team with people that can help it could end up great…imo…

So are Nevey and I. W00t. :slight_smile:

I agree with you there. I don’t feel like contributing anything else to this project until I can be sure any ideas/contributions that we make are likely to be used in the final game, rather than it all boiling down to what one person chooses. If this is to be a community fan game then I’d rather people sit down and work it out together rather than one person go off and do it on their own.

But, we’ll see what happens.


So are Nevey and I. W00t. ^_^[/quote]

Great stuff! Atolm has told me a bit about her one, but I didn’t know that there were other PD comics in the works. I can’t wait to see them.