Panzer Dragoon Fan Art from Pixiv Update (8/30/2017)

So a few days back I messaged a few artist on a Japanese website known as Pixiv and many of them have given me their permission to post their fanart of PD onto the main website.

Here are the artist and their Panzer Dragoon Art Works. WARNING: Some of the art contained in the profile of some of the artist are NSFW. The pictures I am posting links to are safe.

Art by 瑠

Art by Nito

Art by SABRE

Art by PMティー

Art by ニッチ

Art by おぱ: One, Two, Three

Note: If you would like to contact any other artist on this website, please let me know first, because I did ask a few others artist. Some of them have either not replied back to me or have refused my request.

UPDATE (8/18/17): Two more artists have contacted me and have agreed to allow their artwork to be shared on the main website.

Art by Jjuj

Art by Maelia_Juvi or 珠 (Pearl): One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Ninteen,

UPDATE (8/30/2017) Another artist how also given me permission to post their art.

Shin Nagihama ( 梛浜 シン ): One, Two, III, IV


If you link to a NSFW page in the artist’s contributor profile, you can add a NSFW warning in the contributor profile’s new “description” field.

Will do. Thanks for the tip.

Can we get Roman character translations for the contributors “おぱ”, “ニッチ5” and others?

As in English pronunciation for their names. Of course, I’ll be sure to update the contributor profiles. Additionally, are we able to upload gifs to the main website?

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Currently no. If it’s not animated, it can be converted to a jpeg. If it is animated, we can look at options.

Sounds good. It is a .gif file so I suppose we will have find a way to upload animated images. Also I noticed that after a new image is uploaded we are provided with the wording for the post. Thank you for that. It make things so much easier and faster.

Yeah, that seemed to be the main stumbling point for people creating news entries.

If it’s just one animated gif that you want to upload, maybe just convert it to a video? If we have a few of these I might need to look at creating a new media type for gifs (under “Browse by Media Type” in the left navigation). “Animations”?

I am finished uploading all the images that I have been allowed to share the the website so far and I have gone ahead and made a new entry. Everything just needs to be double checked by you or someone else and it’s good to go.

I’m still working on the Lost Artist profile, but I put these images as priority for the moment.

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That’s a nice collection of art there.

Before I publish, can you please reorganise how the images are displayed in the news entry? It looks a bit odd with lots of single images on their own. The contributor’s name is on the picture’s page anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much how the contributors are listed. Something like the format of this entry would be okay.

I have gone ahead and updated the news entry.

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I’ve made a few small refinements (mainly adding related encyclopaedia entries) and published the art. Thanks again for this, I imagine it took a lot of time to organise.

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Lol, Thanks. Ya it took me quite a bit of time. I messaged quite a lot of people and I honestly was not expecting so many of them to reply back to me. But I’m really glad so many artists were happy to allow us to share thier art on the site.

The next time around I think I’ll ask only a few artists at a time.

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Same here, would it be possible to let them know about my campaign ?