Panzer Dragoon Exclusive edition, number 0001

I figure this forum is my best chance of finding out:

Who received the Panzer Dragoon Remake Exclusive Edition number 0001 from Forever Limited?

I created my account as soon as I was able to, and actually practiced going through the checkout process on the FL site. I set alarms and made sure to clear my schedule in advance so I could buy the Exclusive Edition as quickly as possible.

The moment the ability to buy was active I hit check out and I had finished my purchasing under 55 seconds.

To my great joy, I received an order confirmation email with an order identification number. My order ID was 1.

Fast forward 9 months and I receive my exclusive edition… Number 0047…

I was told the company that manages the packages fouled up and sent number 1 to someone else by accident. I have to imagine that person is here. Anyone know who got number 0001?

Their website says the following:

IMPORTANT: each box has a numbered certificate. You can’t choose a number. The order number does not match the game serial number.

So I’m surprised you were told they fouled up, unless they added that note after you reported it to them.

Can’t say I’ve seen anyone mention they’ve got copy 001. I hope they pop up for you.

I’m not sure who got #1 of the exclusive set, but here’s a nice unboxing video of the Limited Panzer Dragoon: Remake set that someone made: