Panzer dragoon esce video

i just found this video from the opening of a documentary called Moebius Redux(which is abviously about Moebius) that looks painfully like panzer dragoon(especially about 45 seconds in(even the sound effects))
.i have to say after reading more of his comics and reading about him, that Moebius had HUGELY inspired that whole style and feeling that panzer dragoon had. i would almost go as far as to say they ripped him off pretty badly.i believe the panzer dragoon oasis had a really good article on it in fact.

Painfully? You gotta be kidding me. What’s so Panzerish about that video? The bareness of the walls of the buildings?

Moebius was a personal influence for Manabu Kusunoki who was responsible for the art in the first game. I bet Van Gogh inspired him to. There are some elements of Arzach (look at how he draws the moon) that definitely played a part, but overall I think this Moebius deal is misinformation. Both are odd worlds but that’s it.

The same could be said about Nausicaa. I definitely see a resemblance there when I look at the sandworms, but I’d like to hear out what’s so similar about both works. Because depending on how you look at things you can say anything ripped off another thing.

Moebius and Mayazaki (Nausica maker) were friends, if you look it up Moebius even named his daughter Nausica.
but what what do you mean by “whats so panzerish about it”?! yes the walls are bare too but look at the building designs,the lighting,landscape, music and sound effects. any of those likenesses are rare, all of them together is crazy(cmon if you show from :45 on to anyone familiar with PD they would easily mistake it).

Worth noting that’s an homage to moebius, not his own work, rather the interpretation of his work and the translation of it in 3D by fans, no?

thats true, and i think thats why it looks so much like PD