Panzer Dragoon Emulator Issues No Music

Hello, I am sorry if this is a duplicate topic, but I did not see anything similar to this throughout a short look through the site. So I have been trying to get the first panzer dragoon to work on SSF, but it won’t play any music outside of the FMV cutscenes? The rest of the game seems to run fine, but I really want to be able to play the game with music. By any chance could anybody help me with these issues. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

EDIT God I am so stupid, I found out I was supposed to use DAEMON Tools. Was using a different software that didn’t work as well apparently.

Welcome to Panzer Dragoon Legacy. I’m glad that you got the music working on your own. I was going to respond that there’s a dedicated PC version of Panzer Dragoon that you could try too.