Panzer Dragoon cookies!

What’s an anniversary without sweets? I decided to make some dragon pup and Solo Wing cookies to celebrate today!

With the release of “Resurrection,” there’s so much to be excited about. While the album is the best gift I could’ve asked for, having the opportunity to listen to it alongside others who love the Panzer Dragoon world as much as I do is what makes this anniversary truly special. I hope everyone’s having (or had) a wonderful 20th anniversary! :anjou_love:


Ah ah this community is amazing.
Do you mind if I share the picture of your cookies on Twitter @Aevelia ?

Feel free! :anjou_happy:

What do you get if you cross a coolia and a biscuit? A cookia, of course!

Very tasty looking, the attention to detail is great! :anjou_happy:

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Nice work, they look really neat!

Wow! Thous cookies look great. Do you think you can send me some?

Thanks, everyone. :anjou_happy: I had a lot of fun making them.

For a small fee of 1000 dynes, plus some Lickuern Eyes.

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I’m glad to see you guys only want to eat the @Solo_Wing in cookie form…

Happy anniversary. And feel free to share this photo on the site, @Aevelia, (edit: or I can when I do the next update).

Yeah I’m pretty sure nobody here limited their options…



Sure, go ahead and include it in the update. Or, I’ll upload it with my next batch of scans, whichever comes first!